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Annie and Wayne Coster

Introducing Annie & Wayne Coster

Wayne and I (Annie) sold Southern Mustang Ltd in April 2012 after trading for 18 years under that banner. Some of you are a bit confused about what we are still selling so I will try and make it simple. Anything Second hand be it for a Mustang, full size Ford or even another make entirely we are selling. We have literally acres of used parts from full vehicles to a bolt!. We can sell new Generic parts such as brake and steering parts that go on Ford cars, just as long as they are not specific only to Mustang, this covers a multitude of items and we all know even the Chev Guys put Ford Diffs in their cars. The strangest cross over I have encountered is an early ford interior door handle fits on a Piper Cub aircraft! Scary thought!

I just turned 65 so am officially a pensioner so we have no thoughts of re-inventing the wheel or even Southern Mustang. We would like to sell the millions of parts we still have as we hope to move to a smaller property in the next few years. Wayne is a Toy Boy so he will go on restoring cars for a long time yet.

We are still assisting a lot of people with their restorations- I will cover some of those in the American ford parts section.


Ford 260 short blocks $1100
Ford 289 5 bolt short block std $1400
Ford 289 6 bolt long block with heads $1600
Ford various 289 bare blocks POA
Ford 351w long block $1400
Ford 351w bare block std $700
Ford 351 M complete running motor 2bbl $1600
Ford 351 M complete 4bbl $1600
Ford 390 FE complete $2300
Ford 428 FE complete runs 1966 $6700
Ford 352 FE complete ex 63 Galaxie non runner $1200
Ford 351C long blocks with heads $1250
Ford 302 C complete motor running $1100
Ford 272 complete motor running $1100
Plus assorted Ford heads,crank,blocks, intakes etc POA

3 Speed top-loader $550
4 speed Toploaders from $1700
4 speed bullnose top-loader $2500
3 speed overdrive $1100
3 speed Ford Customline manual box $450
4 speed MK4 Zephyr box $400
3 speed truck top-loader $400
3 speed auto C4s from $450
3 speed auto C6s from $750 to $1100
3 speed Cruisomatic $650
Plus Bellhousings and assorted parts for these type of boxes

9" ex 58/60 Tbird 58" wide complete $1700

Windshields for Fords 1955 - 1985
Chev 56 etc
Dodge 57/73

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